Ricochet (feat. Young Rich the Scrub)

from by Mamahawk

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I want to be your
I want to be
I want to be your loaded gun
Under your pillow
Face in the crowd
I want to be your hand-me-down
So hand me down

I can see you from afar, my babe
Sweeter than marmalade
I’m in the darkened shade
With a sharpened blade
It’s hard to say how long it has been this way
I followed you ‘cause I had a life to save
Can it be yours?
Why can’t I be yours?
You can be my senorita—I’ll be your senor
I can be that special person you can lean on
But until I get the chance to meet you—dream on
Better yet—you can keep me under your pillow
Best kept secret is me outside your window
Watchin’ you sleep
Watchin’ you eat
Watchin’ you freak
Watchin’ you pee
Saw you at the movies with Steve
Wouldn’t believe—I almost rolled up my sleeve and shot him with my laser beam and took out one of his knees
‘Cause I thought I saw him swing, but it was just a sneeze
Then he put his arm around you, put his eyes on the screen
I fiend for you like a drug do
Ecstasy, please bless me—thank you
I can get high on your vibe
Trust me—I’m a good guy
Sometimes you can’t see, hear, or smell me (nope)
But I do anything you tell me (yup)
Me and you against the world, baby, we can rule it
Take the love we have and start a movement
Let me be the gun—let me be the bullet
Let me be the reflex
Make your finger pull it


from Mamahawk, released April 4, 2015
ft. Young Rich the Scrub



all rights reserved


Mamahawk Austin, Texas

An exploration of lush soundscapes and morphing textures, Mamahawk intricately blends emotive melodies, thick vocal harmonies, and sexy grooves.

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